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Fostering Information

Volunteers are the back bone to every dog rescue. It takes a village to make it work! Volunteer positions include: 

FOSTERING--We need our fosters to live nearby so we can drop supplies off, or pick up the dog for vet appointments, a meet and greet, or to take them when they are going to be adopted. Unless you are willing to drive the dog to and from us. We are situated in Panorama Ridge in Surrey and also in South Surrey.

We supply everything needed for the dog and you supply the love. We are always readily available for help. Fostering is a very rewarding experience and is great for travellers or anyone who does not want to commit to owning a dog themselves. 


DRIVING--We could really use a volunteer driver (gas is paid) if a dog needs to go to a vet appointment, to buy foster supplies, etc

HOME VISITOR-- We could use volunteers in different area of BC to complete home inspections by driving to potential adoptive homes around the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island.

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