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                                STEPS FOR ADOPTING 

1-Please fill out our application FIRST

2-We will follow up your application with an email then a phone call within 3 days usually. We continue by arranging a home visit (by a volunteer or a virtual visit if you live in an area without a volunteer). We want to meet you and your family, check your outdoor area and front door, etc. You can also visit the dog with their foster. We will call your references at this time.
3-We will then arrange a time and place with you to pick up your new dog to start your two week trial. It is at this time we sign the adoption contract. You will receive the vaccination and microchip records. You will also pay the adoption fee in cash or an etransfer. 

4-If all goes well during your two week trial the rescue dog is yours! You are the most important link to saving this dog by giving it a loving home! If you and your new dog do not fit well together you can return the dog to us and receive your money back, minus a $100 donation to our rescue. We will register your dog's microchip when the two week trial is over.

5- Our adoption fee ranges from $600-650 plus 7% PST. (not sure why the government wants to collect PST on rescue dogs adoption fees!)

                  SPARKIE IS ADOPTED

Little Sparkie is a Spaniel mix 3-4 years old and is 11 lbs. He is cuddly and affectionate. Sparkie likes to sit beside you while you relax or watch tv. He loves his person! Yet he is independent and will make you laugh.

Sparkie is good and playful with other dogs, but not cats. He plays with toys and he likes to hide his chew sticks.


Sparkie sleeps quietly at the foot of the bed all night until you rise. He’s a great easy going boy at home. Sparkie likes to run around and explore the backyard. He also loves running around the dog park also. He’s a great gardening companion where he will find insects and sticks to chew on. He is housebroken. He is low-medium energy. He loves walking and loves meeting dogs.

Sparkie sometimes barks a bit when he initially hears a strange noise or there is a new person at the door. When he has an citronella collar on he only barks once.He also likes men as well as women.

Sparkie has been neutered, vet checked, dewormed, given flea/tick meds, vaccinated and microchipped.

Sparkie's adoption fee is $650.




                         ALPHIE IS ADOPTED 

He is twenty pounds and two years old. How did Ralphie end up in a High Kill Shelter in California? He is very friendly.

Ralphie is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He’ll be initially placed in a foster home until a loving home is found for him. He may be hypo allergenic, we’ll let you know soon!! 

Ralphie's adoption fee is $650.



               MILLY ADOPTED!


It' s not always about rescuing the young, cute dogs. It’s also rescuing older dogs in need. We know Milly did not have any chance being adopted at the California shelter.

Although Milly is at least 8-9 years old, Milly is so wonderfully sweet natured and has a lot of love to offer! She weighs 15 lbs. Amazing she is so sweet because we could tell she was neglected by her dirty, matted coat. She had to be shaved in the shelter. Milly loves to be with her person and cuddle on the couch. She walks great and is good with other dogs. She sleeps quietly at the foot of the bed, and is housetrained too! Milly is medium energy and has energy for good walks. While in foster care Milly had dental care and surgery.

She is non reactive while meeting dogs and is friendly meeting new people. We're thrilled Milly will be able to enjoy her new life in BC. Milly's adoption fee is $500



We quickly fell in love with Wally as soon as we picked him up!! He was saved on the same day he was on the euthanasia list for the afternoon in a overcrowded California shelter. He’s SO calm and friendly. Wally is 16 lbs and is 5 years old. Love his light brindle coat and one ear up/one down!


He is good with his foster Mom's cat and dog. He's only been here for one week and is playing with his foster brother in the backyard. He is enjoying all the love and affection he is getting. He is very affectionate and quiet. He is low to medium energy, a dog you can take anywhere! 

Wally has been neutered, vet checked, dewormed, given flea/tick meds, vaccinated and microchipped. He had a small abdominal hernia and that was repaired also. Wally's adoption fee is $650.

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